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What about the different inhalations of the e-cigarette?

If you have just started using electronic cigarettes, you must have many questions, including how to choose your electronic cigarette and your electronic cigarette liquid.

There are certain parameters to take into account to choose the e-cigarette that will suit you and which will give you a pleasant vaping experience, hence the importance of knowing whether direct or indirect inhalation is the most suitable.

When do we speak of indirect inhalation?

We speak of indirect inhalation when we draw the vapour and that we receive it in the mouth, then that we swallow it. This is therefore done in three stages: drawing – reception – aspiration, which is equivalent to the other name for this way of vaping, MTL, Mouth To Lung, from the mouth to the lungs. This way of vaping is similar to the way of smoking industrial cigarettes.

Advantages of indirect inhalation

Each method of vaping has its adapted material.

For indirect inhalation, the battery does not need to be particularly powerful, for the atomizers the resistors used are 1 ohm and more with a small diameter drip tip (mouthpiece) If you choose a clearomizer as a type of tank, it will always be necessary to opt for a small model which has a resistance greater than 1 ohm to have low power. The flavours will be well preserved without you needing to spend a large amount of e-liquid.

Which e-liquids an indirect inhalation?

It is preferable to opt for e liquids with a high content of propylene glycol, at least 50% of the composition so that the liquid is fluid and the vapour produced is more aerial, the best being 70% propylene and 30% vegetal glycerine.

Some vapers also opt for nicotine salt-based liquids, often in 10 or 20 milligrams of nicotine with virtually no-hit. This solution is perfect for people who want a very nicotine-rich liquid but cannot bear the sensation in the throat.

When do we speak of direct inhalation?

It is a technique that consists of sucking the smoke directly into the lungs, that is to say, that the vapour is drawn into the inspiration using the lungs. Unlike the classic cigarette, the vaper will not hold the smoke in the mouth before inhaling it. What he inhales will go straight into his lungs. 

Hookah smokers in particular are familiar with this method. The other name for this way of vaping is DL Direct lung or directly in the lungs.

Benefits of direct inhalation

Direct inhalation, because it allows the use of very greedy e-liquids with a high glycerin content often prized by experienced vapers, weaned from tobacco. It also offers a much denser vapour.

Which material for direct inhalation?

There are several types of tanks, the most used are clearomizers and reconstructable atomizers. 

You will find on the market models that are specially designed for a single type of vape and mixed models that can be adapted to both types of inhalation. For direct inhalation, it is necessary to choose a powerful battery because the liquid is thick and takes a minimum of 30 watts so that it is vaporized. These are often rechargeable external accumulator batteries that allow the vaper to easily replace it and never run out. For the clearomiser of your direct inhalation vape, choose a large model with a resistance of less than 1 ohm to obtain the desired power. This type of tank is also called a “sub-ohm clearomizer”, easily identifiable on the market.

Which e-liquids for direct inhalation

As direct inhaling is mainly focused on vapour, it is important to make the right choice of e-liquid so that the flavours are not neglected. This drawing method requires a large quantity of liquid since the e-cigarette produces much more vapour than for an indirect draw.

E-liquids that have a vegetable glycerin level of more than 60% are the most recommended. They are known to thicken the solution and maintain the concentration of flavours. Do not hesitate to check the list of components when you buy your e-liquids to adapt them as much as possible to your type of inhalation.

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