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Recent study results of the Electronic Cigarette vaporsAccording to a new study people near an electronic cigarette smoker will inhale only nicotine, but not chemicals from cigarette smoke. Researchers still arguing about whether electronic cigarettes help or conversely, attract young people to smoke, and how they act on human health.

“Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and some residues of toxic substances.

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Was invented the battery of 18650 format, with 30000mah capacityJapanese engineers claim that they can raise in 10 times the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. It is expected that manufacturers will be able to start the commercial production of a new type of battery in 3-4 years.

The Japanese company Shin-Etsu Chemical has developed a technology that allows increase the capacity of mobile devices’ batteries in 10 times, reports CNet with reference to the Japanese publication Nikkei.

So the battery capacity of 18650 format, manufactured by the technology developed by Shin-Etsu Chemical can reach 30,000 mah.

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It is true that Electronic Cigarettes may infect your computer with malware?Electronic cigarettes as well as other USB-gadgets can be a source of infection of users’ computers with dangerous viruses.

According to the British The Guardian, electronic cigarettes can benefit smokers, but can be a potential threat to their computers according to InoPressa portal.

The article reports that the majority of the electronic cigarette are charged from the USB-connector of a personal computer or laptop. When connected to this jack cheap electronic cigarettes produced by unknown companies, gets the access to users’ electronic device. Thus, the computer can get malware.

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In the UK Electronic Cigarettes have equated to medicinesBritish bureaucratic system found a way to monetize the electronic cigarettes segment. Since 2016 electronic cigarettes in the UK will be equated to drugs and will be subject to mandatory licensing. In e-cigarette certification will be engaged Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Until 2016 the electronic cigarette sale in UK is allowed, but MHRA don’t recommend people to use electronic cigarettes, because is not sure in their quality. One of the largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes has previously tried to certify its products in the MHRA, the processing cost in the amount exceeding two million pounds, but the certificate has not been issued.

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The most expensive Electronic CigaretteRussian tycoon who lives in Great Britain, decided to make an unforgettable gift to the birthday of his girlfriend, and ordered an exclusive e-cigarette at the shishasticks British company. Billionaire demanded that in the creation of this electronic cigarette they must use “only the very best quality materials.”

After four months of cigarette’s design development, the project was finally approved, the most expensive materials and precious gemstones have been selected and was launched the jewelry masterpiece called “Sophia,” (why it was called that way is anyone’s guess).

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ICIG Muses modMaybe only few of electronic smoking fans know anything about the Chinese company ICIG, perhaps it is because this brand was recently launched, and ICIG Muses mod is probably their first product. ICIG decided not to do, that the most Chinese manufacturers do, and don’t produce clones of branded electronic cigarette mods, they developed their own exclusive mod. Courage engineering solutions, specific design and features will amaze even experienced enthusiasts of electronic smoking.

Of course this device has plenty controversial issues, ranging from its size and finishing with its functionality. By my opinion ICIG Muses should be considered conceptual gadget rather than an unique device for everyday use.

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What is an Electronic Cigarette mod?Battery mod – specially designed electronic device for high pulsed power or DC power generating, from its characteristics depend vaping process and quality. Battery mods are one of the most complex and expensive components of electronic cigarettes.

There are many different types of electronic cigarettes, including those of unusual shape, which differ from the standard vaping devices. Such unusual electronic cigarettes are called “Mods” ( modification), or so called modified versions. But the difference between classical electronic cigarette and modified e-cigarette is not only in shape modification.

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Electronic cigarettes expansion in USA and CIS (part II)USA
The electronic cigarette was introduced in the US market in 2007 and positioned as tobacco replacement for nicotine-dependent smokers.

According to studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of five adult smokers in the United States have tried electronic cigarettes in 2011. This is 21% of the adult smoking population, which is about 6% of the total adult population in USA. Public health authorities of the United States reported that nearly 3 million of smokers in the past two years, quit smoking tobacco cigarettes after switching to electronic cigarettes.

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Electronic cigarettes expansion in European UnionConsidering that electronic cigarettes exists less than 10 years, their spread is phenomenal. Electronic cigarette smokers can be seen more and more often in public places.

In 2010, only 750,000 of electronic cigarettes were sold worldwide, in 2011 sales quickly increased to 2.5 million, in mid-2013 they reached 10 million electronic cigarettes sold worldwide. In the end of 2013 year e-cigarette worldwide sales reached amount of 25 million units.

E-cigarettes in EU countries.
In a recent study (Eurobarometer 2012), 1% of respondents said that they use electronic cigarettes on a regular basis, as a substitution, or as addition to traditional cigarettes.

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What is Electronic Cigarette liquid?Electronic cigarette liquid – a basic consumable material for vapers. It affects the taste, sensation and the amount of nicotine inhaled.

Vapor instead of smoke.
E-cigarette is a mini-inhaler, that performs the role of the usual smoke in vapor. E-liquid is contained in a special container and gets on the atomizer, which hots it and converts it into steam, which is inhaled by vaper.

As the liquid evaporates, worsens vaporization and taste, so you need regularly replenish it and refill cartridges for electronic cigarettes.

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