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Electronic Cigarette ModsElectronic cigarette Mod (modification) – improved variant of electronic cigarettes in which the manufacturers try to eliminate the main disadvantages of electronic smoking. The main disadvantage of a large number of e cigarette mods is their enormous size, in consequence with which they looks different from the traditional cigarette look.

The main types of electronic cigarette mods are:

- Battery Mods

1) Mechanical mods of irregular shape and appearance

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How to properly use Electronic Cigarette batteriesGuidelines for the use of batteries in the e-cigarettes practically does not differ from the usual guidelines for the use of the simple accumulator batteries. You should treat your electronic cigarette battery carefully, as any lithium-ion battery, to be sure in its safety, if you will fulfill all this steps, your electronic cigarettes battery will serve you a very long time.

Primarily regularly check the duration of your electronic cigarette charging. Any new battery needs more time for charging. If you will keep an eye on battery charging time you can determine a faulty battery, which could be dangerous for you.

Below is a list of simple rules which will help you extend the life time of your battery:

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Electronic Cigarettes in HollywoodIn Hollywood appeared the image of the fatal temptress with a thin elegant cigarette in hand, or a real man with a cigar in mouth.

For many years a lot of people seeking to be like their favorite characters and actors imitate their idols in everything: clothes, hairstyles and bad habits.

Since today smoking has become not very nice feature of the image because of anti-smoking laws, Hollywood stars started to use electronic cigarettes.

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asdsdfsdf«Vape» (to vape) – became the “Word of the Year” according the Oxford English Dictionary. Vape – a verb that means smoking electronic cigarettes. This was reported in the official blog of the dictionary Oxford.

The definition of the verb «to vape» appeared in the dictionary in August 2014: “inhale and exhale of the vapors produced by the electronic cigarette or similar device.”

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Famous people about Electronic CigarettesMichael Siegel about electronic cigarettes.
Not so long ago, one of the most ardent supporters of quitting smoking, Professor Michael Siegel opened his blog on the Internet. The purpose of this resource, according to the scientist – the disclosure of the lies that tobacco companies and various non-governmental organizations put up as a truth.

In his blog, Michael Siegel refers not only to the issues of smoking regular cigarettes. He also expresses his opinion about electronic cigarettes.

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In the UK Electronic Cigarettes have equated to medicinesDavid Sweanor opinion.
A well-known advocate for a healthy lifestyle, who worked with a variety of health care organizations around the world, David Sweanor expressed his opinion about electronic cigarettes. In an interview he explained why he considers them useful and how he sees the e-devices’ future.

According to David Sweanor, electronic cigarettes are much safer compared to tobacco cigarettes, however, they can’t be considered completely harmless . The main purpose of e-cigarettes is that they help people change the way of nicotine consumption and make it more technologically advanced.

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Martin Borne, co-founder of electronic cigarette retailer "Demain J'arrete", demonstrates the use of an electronic cigarette in his shop in ParisCurrently, electronic smoking devices have a variety of types and models made of wood, steel, plastic. They may have various sizes and colors, made in form of conventional cigarettes, cigars or have unusual looking similar to the radio or even a violin. You can taste more than 200 different flavors and find your favorite. Also you may change the content of nicotine and consequently, the “heaviness” of tightening from the strong to the non-nicotine.

The switching to electronic cigarettes allows smoker more easily and quickly get rid of the harmful addiction (if a smoker really pursues this goal). Especially, this method is suitable for those who want to quit smoking but are forced to be constantly in the community with smokers.

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Pros and cons of Electronic CigarettesAlmost every second smoker tried to give up smoking. But not as terrible is nicotine dependence, as strong psychological dependence to cigarette in hand and usual smoke. There are various disputes, who is sponsoring the anti-tobacco companies producing nicotine gums, candies and patches which must replace cigarettes. It is also possible that the tobacco companies themselves, trying not to lose their customers addicted those who want to quit smoking cigarettes on other drugs with nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes have become one more substitute for tobacco cigarettes.

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Four myths about Electronic CigarettesThe first myth – electronic cigarette quickly breaks and, in fact, is a fire hazard and can explode. This myth is probably associated with the appearance on the market of products of dubious quality of unknown manufacturers and suspiciously low price.

In fact, high-quality electronic cigarettes have a rugged design, safety, high-quality components, and in fire hazard, it unlikely will surpass your cell phone, these devices have simply nothing to burn.

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Electronic Cigarettes helped reduce smoking in the UKThe proportion of non-smokers among users of electronic cigarettes is negligible – 0.14%

Over the past 40 years, the level of smoking in the UK fell from 46% to 19%. This is partly explained by the switching to electronic cigarettes which began to be sold in Europe and the UK in 2006 – according to BBC and the Guardian.

Leading British publications and news agencies have published data of the UK Office for National Statistics, according to which 2.1 million citizens use e-cigarettes.

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