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ecigsElectronic Cigarettes – the best way to quit smoking tobacco – to such conclusion the came the researchers led by an expert of the center of Onassis Heart Surgery – Konstantinos Farsalinosom. The researchers took 300 samples of e-cigarettes from various manufacturers to assess the damages to smoker’s health.

The analysis of liquids on the content of nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Nitrosamines – toxic organic compounds with carcinogenic effect. Nitrosamines affect the human internal organs and provoke cancer. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons – a product of processed organic wastes (debris, food debris, coal, oil), as well as tobacco. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons can be strong carcinogens.

It was found that e-cigarette vapor contains 400 times less harmful impurities than tobacco smoke. Toxicity index of tobacco is 0.2, of electronic cigarettes – 0.001. The analysis results are impressive – e-cigarette are a hundred times less harmful to the human body that tobacco cigarettes.
Electronic cigarette effects on the human heart

After smoking tobacco cigarettes quickens the heartbeat and increase the blood pressure. Every cigarette you smoke destroys your cardiovascular system. Dr. Farsalinosa researches confirmed that e-cigarettes don’t affect the human heart and blood vessels and thus can’t cause a heart attack or stroke.

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e-cigarette_2781811bRecent surveys have shown that electronic cigarettes don’t make teens to become tobacco cigarette smokers. Many teenagers have tried electronic cigarettes, but only a few of them become their regular users, but the scientists from the Cardiff University assert that these devices did not cause nicotine dependence.The Disease Control and Prevention Center’s research data showed that the number of adolescents who used electronic cigarettes, has tripled in just one year. Electronic cigarettes are the most commonly used smoking products among adolescents, surpassing all current tobacco products, including tobacco cigarettes.

The controversy over the use of electronic cigarettes is carried out within several years. Initially, this product was launched as a device, that can help to quit smoking. The experts “raised the alarm”, because the electronic cigarettes have become a fashionable device, popular among adolescents who have never smoked.

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shutterstockDerek Yah, which in the past headed the Department of Noncommunicable Diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO), led the WHO’s initiative group called – “World No Tobacco”.

According to the scientist, were conducted several studies that prove that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. However, the WHO is not in a hurry to recognize the benefits of e-cigarettes.

According to the “Action on Smoking and Health” organization, 38% of British smokers are sure that electronic cigarettes help them quit smoking. Another 25% have noticed that, thanks to electronic cigarettes, they began to smoke less. Thus, if the WHO does not recognize the benefits of electronic cigarettes and will advocate for the strict legislative control, it may prevent smokers to switch to less harmful electronic cigarettes, and thus save millions of lives.

As an example of unreasonable and excessive regulation of products that reduce smoking rates, is the example of snus – smokeless chewing tobacco, snus sale is prohibited in all EU countries except Sweden. Nevertheless, in Sweden the smoking rates are the lowest in the EU.

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advancedAccording to research published in April, by the US Center for Disease Control, in the past year, the American students began to smoke fewer tobacco cigarettes, but in three times more – e-cigarettes. In general, the number of smokers among US high school students has increased from 22.9% to 24.6%.

On Thursday, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study, according to which students of middle and high school in the last year, three times more often began to use electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. In 2013, the electronic cigarette used only 4.5% of high school students, in 2014 this number rose to 13.4% – from 660 thousand, to more than 2 million people. Among middle school students the number of smoking electronic cigarettes increased from 1.1% to 3.9% (from 120 thousands to 440 thousands).

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Nichrome vs Kanthal WireWhat type of wire to buy, what is better to choose Nichrome or Kanthal?

First of all, you must choose the wire type based on where you are going to use it, if in genesis tanks or any other tank where is used as a wick stainless steel mesh – then it is better to buy Kanthal. Atomizers where are used as wick: silica cord or bamboo yarn, can be used both Kanthal and Nichrome. Subjectively, with silica wire is better to use Nichrome, because it heats quickly, which is important for less powerful devices.

Differences between wire types consist in alloy structure and composition:

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Electronic Cigarettes became luxury itemsAccording to Financial Times – Today, more and more manufacturers of e-cigarettes are targeting on the luxury market and British manufacturers – leading on this market . Expensive electronic cigarettes gain more demand, and e-cigarette manufacturers adjust to this new trends.

Luxe Mods company, founded by Andrew Korn in 2012, is located in Walton, a suburb of London. It produces electronic cigarettes of elite patterned stainless steel. One of such cigarette can cost about £ 600 ($ 902).

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 What is the difference between Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage?Many beginner vapers permanently stumble upon Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage terms. What’s the difference between them?

Explanations of some specialists that Variable Voltage changes the output voltage and Variable Wattage changes output wattage, is completely wrong.
Variable Voltage (VV).

Let’s look at the VV working process. The voltage from the battery is supplied to electronic board, after, it is directed at the output to the vaping device coil.

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The working capacity of an Electronic Cigarette?In electronic cigarettes are used lithium-ion batteries with a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts. Fully charged, such battery at the beginning show – 4.2 volts, in the process they discharge to 3 volts, then it needs to be recharged again. So, during the working process the output voltage is changed for more than a quarter – this is very noticeable point.

Many models of electronic cigarettes have a voltage regulator. During working process the output voltage of the battery is always stable, but too low. Typically, these batteries are stabilized to 3.3 – 3.5 volts. This, of course, gives a general decreasement of the output power, but also gives stability. On a stabilized accumulator the “quality” of each puff will be the same – regardless of whether is charged or almost discharged battery, it will show stable 3.3 volts.

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Genesis atomizer type

Genesis atomizer type – one the newest among such devices, so called rebuildable atomizers, ie atomizers in which the user can replace the heating coil (Kanthal wire) and wick.

This device has many advantages, especially it will suit those vapers who like to vape at a high voltage, to obtain more hot and dense vapor. It wasn’t possible with clearomizers, because they work with silica wire as result the wick quickly burn. While using Genesis atomizers, you can get excellent clean taste, abundant dense vapor, strong but soft “throat hit” and thus without burning wicks (because of their absence).

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Fake Electronic CigarettesThe manufacturing of fake electronic cigarettes is very advantageous and profitable business today. Therefore, many companies call themselves electronic cigarette suppliers and do their best to please every consumer and as a rule this steps severely affect the quality of the products which they produce.

If to be honest, the essence of almost every vaper is to save money and buy famous e-cigarette brand at the lowest prices, as a result seeing it in another place cheaper, of course he will buy it where it costs less.

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